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Donations: Thank You

Rescues do not exist in a vacuum.  We rely on people to help us, starting with the volunteers and staff at most animal shelters.  Without their dedication to dogs, the rescues would remain blissfully unaware when a dog was in need.  

We would like to thank the following:


When Les Zoeller found out that his employer was willing to match any donation made to a charity of his choice, Les went into action. As a tribute to his beloved dog, Apollo, Les made a donation to the Alaskan Malamute Rescue. We thank him for his very generous donation to our rescue. In accordance with Les, his donation was also shared with the Southern California Alaskan Malamute Club which enabled his donation to help even more malamutes in more venues. We are sincerely grateful to Les Zoeller & Lisa Franz for their continued support of our rescue.

When Brian Honzik’s father was dying, he was trying to think of a way to honor his father. He remembered the times that his father, Roy was both entertained & comforted by his Alaskan Malamute dogs. Brian decided that a donation to the Alaskan Malamute Rescue would be the perfect tribute. Consequently, Brian requested that in that in lieu of flowers, a donation to the Alaskan Malamute Rescue would be appreciated. Thank you to the following people that made a donation in honor and memory of Mr. Roy Honzik: Cathy Benaway, Simi Valley, CA; Wade & Patricia Bettisworth, Oak Park, CA; Michael Cleveland, Canyon Country, CA; Judith Fradkin, Agoura Hills, CA; Linda Patrick, Woodinville, WA; Erin Rulon, Moorpark, CA; Wilhelmina Villegas, North Hollywood, CA.

We send a very special thank you to Brian & Cathey Honzik for their thoughtful gesture to pay tribute to their father and to our rescue.

We offer a huge THANK YOU to Linda Bigbee for her PayPal donation.   More importantly, we thank her for making room in her home and in her heart.  Linda adopted Kobe from our rescue.


Nichole Royer did it again!!!!  The 2011 Bark at the Park in Lancaster, California this October was a huge success and a huge success for our rescue too.  Once again, Nichole offered sled dog rides to the spectators for a donation to the arctic-type rescue groups.  Nichole split the donations made between the Siberian Husky & Alaskan Malamute rescues!  YEAH Nichole!!!!


We would like to thank Dia Wolfe for her donation of dog food.  Dia not only donated dog food to us, she actually took the time to deliver it directly to the kennel.   Dia, we appreciate your time and donation!


A thank you goes to Michele Lack for her PayPal donation to our rescue.  Thank you again, Michele.

We would like to acknowledge and thank T. Simon for the PayPal donation to our rescue.  It was a wonderful way to honor the memory of Oz.

A sincere thank you to Anthony Guerra for his donation to our rescue work.  We remain extremely thankful for his help.
We are indebted to Michael Opdahl for his extremely generous donation to our rescue.  He has enabled us to help many more Alaskan Malamutes and we remain extremely appreciative.

A special thank you to the following people.  It is your help and support that enables us to help more Alaskan Malamutes.  We will be forever grateful.

We would like to thank Nichole Royer for her continued dedication to rescue.   Nichole volunteers her time and hard work to run the  Urban Mushing Demonstration at the Bark in the Park Event in Lancaster every year and every year she donations a portion of her earning to the Alaskan Malamute Rescue.  We sincerely, thank her!!!
Thank you to Bob & Jean Kagan for their generous donation in memory of Annie Kagan.  Annie was full of spirit and personality but
most of all, Annie was the beloved Alaskan Malamute that shared her life with them.  Bob, Jean and Aksel all morn her passing.

We thank Michael & Christine Schweitzer for all of their help in rescuing Mister Ninja.  They saw a dog in need and went that extra mile to save his life.  We sincerely Thank you! 

We would like to let Mark Powell know that we appreciate his generous donation.  His donation has helped us to continue saving more Malamutes and we thank him.

Thank you to Curtis & Susan Rogers for their donation in honor of Freya.

Thank you to Bob, Kathy & Colin Chomuk for their donation in honor of London.

I would like to sincerely thank the following people:


Bonnie Crystal

Dorothea Ragsdale

Terry & Gloria Toussaint

John & Jackie Telling

Mike Yepes
Michelle Frank


When the malamute community heard of Sue Gilbertson's passing, I had several people that called and promised to help out but you were the people that really did!  Whether it was your time, your money or your services, you were there to help insure that the dogs would be safe.  You have my sincere thanks and my deepest appreciation.

Terry & Lenore Hardy of Brentwood, California adopted one of the rescue puppies that we called Aqua Man.  Their generous donation really helped us to pay off some of the expenses associated with neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, worming and caring for the entire litter of five.  Tom, I and everyone that adopted one of the puppies will forever be in your debt.  A heartfelt Thank You!

After the devastating lost of their first rescue dog, Poppy, to cancer, Kenny & Polly Yang of Diamond Bar decided to celebrate the adoption of their second rescue dog with a donation to our rescue.  The Yang family has added a beautiful, female named Nike to their family.  While we at rescue are thrilled with the Yang's way of celebrating, we also wish them many wonderful years with Nike.   

We received a lovely letter from Lisa Cohen of Palm Desert.  Lisa had some wonderful things to say about us as well as a donation toward our efforts in honor of Travis, Ingrid & Colton, which simply happen to be Lisa's rescued "Fur-Kids"!!  Thank you very much Lisa!

Two major thank you's are in order regarding the Katrina Rescue Dogs that we choose to help.

Kim Finger of Los Angeles founded the Rescue for Ruffugees organization (www.RescueforRuffugees.org) solely to help the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.  She was directly responsible for saving the lives of over 300 dogs and cats that were displaced, starving and dying in New Orleans.

Kim was not only a saint to the animal victims but she was a saint to us as well.  Her generous donation to our rescue helped us with some of the large expenses that we occurred with the rescue and we remain extremely grateful!

We would like to let the folks at the Ventura Medical and Surgical Group on Sperry Avenue in Ventura know how grateful we are to them as well.  They were directly responsible for saving Jazz's life.  Because she was starving, at 45 lbs. Jazz, a purebred German Shepherd, hardly appeared pregnant but she became violently ill as the result of her litter of dead puppies becoming toxic inside of her.  VMSG saved her. 

VMSG also saved Mardi from a serious infection.  Mardi had cuts on his legs that were exposed to the deadly hurricane waters.  An infection penetrated his bone and he too became very ill.  We also would like to thank VMSG for being understanding and giving us extra time to scrape up the funds to pay off their bill.  Their patience has been God sent.

This is a thank you that we wish we did not need to list. 

Bill Bacon and his wife Molly of West Hills, California have been lovers of the Alaskan Malamute breed for years.  In memory of this devotion to the breed David Bacon of West Hills choose to honor his father with a donation to our rescue in memory of Bill G. Bacon.  Thank you David.  We send you and your family our deepest sympathy and are so sorry for your loss.

Sharon Whitley of Camarillo made a special donation in memory of Denny Jones. Denny was a wonderful, compassionate man that always had the welfare of dogs foremost on his mind.  Denny was always looking out for stray dogs to rescue.  While in his presence, you would be assured of a good laugh or two as he had a great sense of humor and great stories to tell. He was taken to soon by cancer and those that knew him, will always feel his loss!

We again wish to express our gratitude to Sharon Whitley of Camarillo.  No only did Sharon make a donation to our rescue but she dedicated to "Tahoe".  Tahoe is a handsome male that Sharon adopted from our rescue years ago.  As handsome as Tahoe was, it was hard to find him a new home because no one had given Tahoe any training for the first year of his life.  Sharon stuck with him through the good and the bad times and now has a loving companion.  He is still can be a little stinker at times but he is definitely Sharon's Little Stinker now!

A special thank you to Valerie Mckay-Bucher.  Valerie made a donation to our rescue in memory of her Alaskan Malamute "Biff".  Thank you, Valerie

Kristine Shuey of San Diego made a special donation to our rescue to be applied to help secure a new home for Shadow. Shadow is a male that has entered our rescue after his owner could no long care for him.  Thank you, Kristine

We would like to formally thank Barbara Bouyet for her talents, time and hard work to keep our website up and running correctly.  Without her efforts, you would not even be able to visit this site, not to mention being able to help the malamutes that need help.  She is invaluable to us!

We would like to recognize the efforts of Nichole Royer for her continued rescue work for malamutes everywhere, especially for us here in southern California. We are extremely lucky to have her on our side.

Thank you to Fran Toll of Studio City for her donation to help Alaskan Malamute Rescue.

We would like to acknowledge Judith & Delane Lytle of Granada Hills for their donation in honor of their beloved Westies, Rocky & Holly.  Two very special dogs.

We would like to thank Brian Van Fleet of Newbury Park, CA. Brian chooses to honor the memory of his beloved dog "Tango" by supplying dog cookies to the rescue dogs every year at Christmas time.  Once again, we thank him this year.
We would also like to extend a special thank you to April Schulthies of Fresno, CA. April has continued to support our rescue efforts throughout the entire year in memory of Abri.  Thank you very much April!

Donations are always gratefully accepted.  Checks can be made payable to Alaskan Malamute Rescue and sent to:          

Alaskan Malamute Rescue 
5040 Barnard Street
Simi Valley, CA 93060

Or you can make a donation through Paypal.   

Thank you.