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In Memory of ….

Within the last few months, I have heard from several people with the sad news that
their beloved Alaskan Malamute had passed away.  They sent me lovely letters and I
wished that I could help to comfort them in their loss.  I have started this link in hopes
of giving grieving owners a place to remember their dogs and to help them realize
that they are not alone.

If you would like your dog included, please contact me.

Tina & Tom Dunn





In Loving Memory of Tahoe

Many people who have adopted dogs from a shelter or rescue insubstantially claim that their pet had a tough life before they rescued him.  With Tahoe, however, the proof is in the x-rays. On routine x-rays a few years after adopting him, about five pellets from a pellet gun were found scattered throughout his body.  Yet, when we rescued him, Tahoe was the most happy-go-lucky dog that ever lived.  In fact, he was so happy-go-lucky and carefree that he had a tendency to misbehave at times (he liked to jump on visitors, steal cat food, steal human food, go in rooms of the house he wasn’t suppose to, etc).  Because of this, we deemed him our "wild and crazy kind of guy."  But Tahoe’s cheerful attitude always made our lives brighter.  He wanted nothing more than to love and be loved…and maybe some tasty treats every now and then.  We will always remember how he would “smile” when he became especially excited to see someone.  And we will never forget how he immediately bonded with our cats when we brought him home.  We are so grateful to have had Tahoe in our lives for 10 wonderful years.  He was our best buddy and always will be.  Tahoe, we miss you so much and you will be forever in our hearts.

Sharon Whitley and Erin Ohlenkamp 


This is a very special “THANK YOU” to two very special people … Ken & Linda Hair.  They have supported our rescue efforts since we met in 1992 when they needed a little help with their Alaskan Malamute, Mr. Nudka.

In honor of Lakita, Koyuka, Kivee Bear, JeanLuc and of course, Mr. Nudka we express our complete gratitude.  It’s always nice to know that a good friend has your back!

                                    Nudka  spring 1992.jpg

Mr. Nudka. 

Photo taken in the spring of 1992


Simba - Sandy's signature Cropped.jpg

Every now and again a very special dog enters our rescue and our lives.  Such was the case of AMRC’S Simba ThD, CGC.

Simba did get the good fortune to be adopted by two special people in Scott & Sandy Sampson and he truly deserved his good luck.  He was literally rescued from a hell-hole of filth and abuse during the 2000 Lancaster Rescue but with the love of Scott & Sandy he became a titled Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog who’s life’s mission was to make people smile.  He did it fabulously!  He fought a valiant fight against cancer but is now lost to us all.  He touched too many hearts to list here but he blessed us all with wonderful memories before he left us.

"Dogs' lives are too short.  Their only fault really." Agnes Sligh Turnbull

As we already know, Master Simba had many friends and touched many hearts.  John, Tege & Jess Montmorecy
were among Simba's friends.  We would like to thank them for their donation in honor and memory of Master Simba!

John & Janet Dunham of Edwards, Colorado have made a generous donation to our rescue in honor of Simba, the beloved friend of Scott & Sandy Sampson. We thank them on behalf  of all the Simba’s out there that still need rescue.

Once again, in memory of Simba is another heart touched. 
Patty & Gerry Montmorecy of Oakland, California made a donation in honor of Simba. "Aunt" Patty stated that Simba taught her
a lot and she can only imagine how others benefited from his attention & therapy.  Patty particularly appreciated Simba in his
Santa hat during the holidays!  We completely agree and send out a thank you in his behalf.
Renee Weider of Camarillo, CA had a special relationship with Simba as she participated in Pet Therapy with Sandy & Simba.  
Renee also made of point of letting us all know that to her, Simba was an amazing dog!  We sincerely thank her for her donation
toward our rescue work "in memory of the Great Simba".



We thank Darci DeCrona for her donation to our rescue efforts.


"This  donation is in memory of Teaka DeCrona.  She brought so much joy to our lives throughout the years. 
I cannot imagine my life without her in it for the 11 years that we were graced with her presence.  I know
that she is in heaven now ... being spoiled by her Grandma Joyce but we will forever miss her!!!"



Tribute to “Shadow” 


So mellow, so loving
So funny - such a clown! 

Soulmate to Belle
Protector, gentle giant.
Big fella', best friend.

Just your presence alone made us all happier
and we thank you for giving us a wonderful lifetime with you.

Love always, Belle, Rex and Martha 

Shadow-Rex-Bell (cropped).jpg


Thank you Tina and Tom for rescuing me and Belle at the Lancaster Rescue, 2000