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Worthwhile Links

We know you are all very capable at searching the internet to find dog food, dog toys, dog beds and anything else your dogs' hearts desire.  Therefore, we won't waste your time and ours filling this page with links to everything--only those websites we value and visit ourselves.  So if you find it on this page, it's really WORTHWHILE.




         Please don't forget to consider the other half of California--the North, where Malamutes are rescued by Maureen Marcus. 
       Maureen does house checks, contracts and everything else the right way.   

           Here is their link:  http://www.ncama.org/Dogs-Available.htm

        Also in your search for your new companion, please contact the staff at Husky Camp.  They always help our rescue and have taken in  
        Alaskan Malamutes for us when we have not been able to help the dogs.


             Their link is:  http://www.huskycamp.com

       Everyone should support their parent breed club.  We do--we
       support the Alaskan Malamute Club of America.  If you are
       not yet a member, visit their website and sign up today.