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About Us

We have been breeding Champion Alaskan Malamutes for over  30 years--we average about one litter a year.  We are members of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America and the Southern California Alaskan Malamute Club.  

We own and operate a small boarding kennel in the Simi Valley.  It helps support our "rescue habit!"  Visit our Double T Kennels website.

This is not a breed for everyone--Malamutes have a pack mentality which presents unique problems since most people purchase a dog either as a family companion or as a family guardian.  Malamutes, are companions but as part of a pack, which means you must be in charge. If you are not the pack leader, then you run the risk of your   Malamute looking at you as if you are subordinate in their hierarchy.  That can be very confusing for the dog.

There are some breeders who breed dogs for all the wrong reasons.  They usually sell to people who are buying a malamute for all the wrong  reasons!  It's the dog who pays the ultimate price--death.  We began rescuing malamutes because the majority of the mals in shelters are good dogs who came from bad owners.  They have been neglected, left intact, never trained or simply put into a yard and ignored.  We evaluate temperament, then spend time teaching the basics of living in a world with humans.  Being an intelligent breed, the dogs quickly realize what is expected of them. 
After doing Malamute Rescue for 25 years, we have retired from active duty!  We network when possible but we rarely have rescue dogs available.  You can, however, be assured that some Alaskan Malamutes are in shelters so please, canvass your local animal shelters.

Tina Dunn